Apache NiFi Overview

Apache NiFi

Apache NiFi is a robust open-source Data Ingestion and Distribution framework and more. It can propagate any data content from any source to any destination.

NiFi is based on a different programming paradigm called Flow-Based Programming (FBP). I’m not going to explain the definition of Flow-Based Programming. Instead, I will tell how NiFi works, and then you can connect it with the definition of Flow-Based Programming.

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Overview of Big Data

It’s always ambiguous when it comes to the definition of Big Data. To be more precise, it’s difficult to say when does your data becomes big data? You may think if the size of the data is enormous, then it’s Big Data, it’s not entirely true.

"Big Data" is a term used to refer an extremely large, high-speed, vastly diverse and complex data, which can be analyzed to get business values out of it.

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